Drone view of Tsamadoy beach in Samos, Greece

The whole of Greece in one island

No other island in Greece has so much heritage, cultural and natural diversity. Blame history, its geographical position, its nature, its mild climate all year round, Samos allows you to experience everything that defines Greece & Greek culture. 

The diversity of nature and landscape gives you the feeling that you are back in time.  An unspoiled island which regardless the time of the year you visit Samos has always many things to offer for those who are looking for a pure, alternative and close to nature unique experiences.​​



A bit of History

The economy of the island was very strong. In the ancient times, Samians had the strongest navy in the Greek world and Samian colonies span from minor Asia to Italy. The population of the island was back then was more than double what it is now.


Famous ancient Samians included intellectuals like Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aesop, Aristarchus and Herodotus.

Being a birthplace of Rhoecus, Samos is the home of the largest Kouros in the classical world. The temple of Hera is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There you can still see 1 out of 115 columns that used to stand.


Modern Samos is shaped by the fact that for the large part of the Ottoman ruling period, the island was deserted because of Pirates. It was re habited with people from all over Greece in 1600´s. Dominant dialect, Arvanitika originates from the north of Greece, and it is unique to any of the other islands in Greece.

During the Ottoman period, the island was governed by the semi-autonomous Principality of Samos, until it joined Greece in 1912.  Back then, the local products like Samos sweet wine (what Greek Orthodox use in Holi communion), Tabaco and Leather were exported as far as US and Japan.



Nature of Samos

Regarding nature, Samos is truly the whole of Greece in one island. Tall mountains, ancient forests, caves and distinct hiking routes and paths make you feel like you are somewhere lost in mainland Greece. It is the home of the tallest mountain of the Aegean Sea, mount Kirkis. The second tallest mountain, mount Karvounis, is the source of many naturals springs, and where you can find ancient forests with Black Pine Tree where the mightiest of the Greek Ships were made from, the Sameinas with their unique engineered hull design, still being copied today by most modern ships.

Samos was the birthplace of winemaking. According to Greek mythology, the knowledge of the art of winemaking was given as a present by god Dionysus to Samians, as a reward for saving him. Some of the oldest amphorae with wine ever found, come from Samos.


The beaches in Samos are unique, enough to please every taste. Pine trees shadowing sandy beaches, the turquoise waters of Kasonisi, the white rocks for dives like ¨the Big Blue¨ movie. There are many beautify pebble beaches with unique colors and sizes. You can still get your own beach here if you are willing to walk a bit and explore.

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