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Colage with unique experiences you can have in Samos, Greece

Unique Experiences

Samos is the perfect island for all nature lovers. We have put here a list of unique experiences which we believe will give you a different perspective on our island and Greece. 

Choose a Nature, Cultural, Art or Holistic experience and let us know. We will take care of the rest, making sure you have a peace of mind.


We work with locals who love what they do and share our values and passion to serve. All our recommendations and experiences we share with you, is where we go and what we do.

Nature Experiences
Man on the top of mountain Kerkis in Samos, Greece
Sun set in Samos Greece, overlooking the island of Samiopoula
Stream water running
Man windsurfing in Kokkari, Samos, Greece

Nature Experiences

About Samos offers you a number of experiences, custom made to suit your specific needs and tastes. Visit beaches where you will be alone, experience the smells, the unique combination of sea and pine trees and the lovely views that the island offers. 



There are over 60 hikes on the island. The hikes in the Nightingale Valley are a must if you visit Samos. Our hikes start from 8 am and are about between 5 km to 13 km long. Expect to be away for 4-6 hours (lunch and pauses). Maximum 12 people. For novices, we have guided hikes to more accessible areas of the island, including hidden gem beaches.


Natural Springs

Known in the ancient times as Hidrusa (Island of Water), Samos has plenty of natural springs, most around Mount Karvounis. Taste the water, feel the difference in flavors and experience how true, natural spring water is. There are many natural springs all over the island. 


Active - Sports Related

  • Snorkeling

  • Freediving - basics

  • Scuba Diving

  • Cliff Diving & Exploring

  • Kayak

  • Kite Surfing

  • Cycling

  • Horse Back Riding



We organize tours which will give you a very good idea of the culture of our island. From visiting the museums, the historic sites or the monasteries, we aim to help you experience the History, Culture & Spirituality of  Samos.


Samos of the places we visit are: 


  • Historic Sites

Efpalinos Tunnel, Temple of Hera, Castle of Logotheti, Pythagoras cave, Sibilla, etc.


  • Museums

Archeological Samos, Pythagoreo, Mytilene, Paleontological, Folklore, Tannery, etc.


  • Monasteries

Vronta, Virgin Mary, Holly Cross, Life Giving Fountain, etc.

Art Experience
Girl paining on a beach in Samos, Greece
Wood carving / Sculpure of Emmanouil Stegiou from Samos, Greece
Girl in Water, with her hair back
Black and white photo of a woman in a field

Art Experiences

Have you ever thought about taking art lesson, while sitting on a beach, or between pine trees and unspoiled nature? What about between ancient ruins next to crystal clear waters?


About Samos can offer you wood curving /sculpturing, drawing/sketching, molten glass jewelry and photography lessons.


Our team of artists is educated in fine art from Italy and England and have teaching experience in both Greece and abroad. 


We provide you with the material to sculpture and draw and at the end of the classes, you will have your own creation to take away.

For the photography lessons, you will need your own equipment. Classes range from an hour to a few hours, depending on your liking.


Personal Photographer

All the photos we use on our site are taken by the people we work with.


Take a class or have your own personal photographer taking photos of you and your loved ones, so you have always memories from your trip to our island.


Just let us know what suits you most.


Pebble stones, one on top of the other on a beach
Masser in Samos, Greece
Yoga girl on a clif by the sea
Tai chi on the sun set
Meditation on a sandy beach
Reiki on a woman lying flat

Holistic Experiences

Samos is full of energy. You will feel it as soon as you step off the plane or boat. Part of getting to know our island we offer a number of services which aim to help you relax and come closer to yourself. It is your holiday too after all. We work with people that have years of experience. All our experiences below are at a location that suits you, a beach, forest or at your place of stay.



We offer a number of massage options at your place, or at one of our locations. All our massages are performed by qualified masseurs with years of experience is top spas in Greece and abroad.

They are designed to help you relax and put you in the right mood for your holidays in Samos.



Our yoga is based on the traditional hatha yoga, which consists mainly of non-moving exercises with great attention to breathing. The core of yoga nowadays is that the unity of body and spirit is found in a combination of breathing, physical exercise and concentration.

The exercises (Asanas) give strength and energy and provide an overall pleasant feeling of relaxation.


Our yoga classes contain asanas (exercises), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation.


Qi Gong (Tai Chi)

Our classes are based on the Taoist Yin Yang philosophy and work with the universal life energy Qi. By means of slow, relaxed and conscious movements the capacity for internal harmony and balance is realized. Your body is gently and thoroughly practiced, your emotions are calmed down and your mind is brought back to a peaceful state of wholeness. As a result, the Qi flows powerful and unhindered through the body. We offer beginners class of 1 hour or we can offer a course of 6 hours in which you will learn Shibashi, a form of 18 movements.


Both Yoga & Qi Gong can be done in groups of 15 people class.




During a mindfulness workshop, one will learn to shift attention to the 'here and now' and leave other things to what they are.

In this way, you can achieve some form of relaxation or discharge: in the head and in the rest of the body.

Our mindfulness workshops for up to 10 people.



Reiki is a laying-on / off hands healing technique thousands of years old. It is thought to have originated from Tibetan Buddhists.

It is a very simple yet powerful technique that can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is a private treatment.


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