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Terms & Condition

The Website has been developed and operates with the purpose for About Samos to provide to Website users the opportunity to collect information related to tourism services, such as experiences, transportation and accommodation services available in Samos.

About Samos acts solely as an intermediary for the reservation/ booking of tourist services which are presented and facilitated through the Website and are provided by several competent third parties acting as intermediary of services or service providers, hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Provider”, whose services or goods are promoted and announced through the Website and in accordance with the terms and conditions that each Third Party Provider, sets and communicates to the users.


During the access procedure to the Website and the usage of the services provided it is required that users should read carefully, understand and accept these terms as a prerequisite for the provision of any services.   


  • About Samos reserves the right to modify these terms unilaterally without any prior notification to the users. Every modified version of these terms is published on the Website. Therefore, all users prior to the receipt of any service are required to be informed about the updated version of the terms and to accept any modification thereof.

  • If for any reason whatsoever, any user does not agree or accept one or more of these terms or of the terms set by any Third Party Provider, such user should abstain from the usage of the Website and relevant services/goods, otherwise, all terms are presumed as unconditionally accepted by the said user. 

  • For the avoidance of any misinterpretation in case of non-acceptance of any of these terms or any term set by any Third Party Provider by any user, that user may not be able to access the Website and/or purchase the goods desired.

  • It should be noted that the General Terms & Conditions of About Samos apply to all reservation requested by the user through the web portal of About Samos, and through the telephone number provided.

  • By making a reservation or purchasing a product or service offered through the Website, the user unconditionally accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Mideast.



  • For the majority of the services procured through the Website, users may book the service available through the Website, followed by a specific order placed from their side. The reservation order is binding for the user, who should pay the cost of the service reserved, unless it is allowed to do otherwise, always according to the cancellation policy applicable to that service.

  • Following the reservation procedure, as developed and announced in the Website, each user provides Mideast with an order to act as an intermediary for the procurement of the chosen tourist goods/services by the relevant Third Party Provider.

  • Reservation is confirmed by the Third Party Provider and About Samos, in turn, notifies the user for the aforementioned confirmation.

  • In case of short-term changes of any booked service or product by the user (failure of service by the provider, e.g. delay or cancellation), About Samos will try to contact the customers by phone or e-mail to inform them about these changes. However, About Samos does not hold any responsibility for changes, delays or cancellations of any other travel-related services provided by other providers. Late reporting of errors or discrepancies, in no case, entitles the user to withdraw from the contract.

  • The user is liable to follow the terms and conditions set by each provider, for example, an airline’s restrictions concerning the check-in time or the return flight confirmation. The user is informed about such conditions by the specific provider.

  • By filling the contact form available on the Website and completing a booking, the customer gives strict instructions to About Samos to intermediate a provided travel service, offered by the actual provider, or any other service related to the execution of travel. Reservations NOT processed through the website of About Samos may have different pricing.


  • For services provided where travel documents are needed About Samos is not responsible for the valid travel documents (passports, visa, etc.), the client should hold out for a trip.

  • It is the passenger’s obligation securing the required passenger documents.

  • If the customer is traveling abroad, it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with relevant conditions concerning passports, visa, customs, taxes, and conditions for imports and exports, as well as health conditions. About Samos´s website provides some information related, for the user’s convenience. However, About Samos is in no case responsible for the validity and completeness of such information.

  • The customer is the outright responsible for his proper information, thus the user should contact the provider of that trip or the consulate of the destination country.


  • The communication, including any kind of information required in accordance with these terms, between About Samos and the users of the Website is performed mainly through electronic means and specifically via the electronic address that the user has provided to Mideast for this purpose. Other means of communication can be texting or direct calling.

  • Each user should notify About Samos of the required true and accurate contact details and personal data, including a valid e-mail address that the user is legitimately authorized to use.

  • Users may communicate with Third Party Providers according to the terms and conditions set by these Third Party Providers.

  • The notification of inaccurate and/or false information or contact details may lead to inability and/ or refusal to deliver and/ or perform the service/ good selected and/or exclusion of the specific user from the usage of the Website and/or the services provided by About Samos and/or Third Party Providers. If such is the case, the user may also be held responsible for the payment of the relevant good or service, and in cases for further reimbursement.

  • In case of violation of these terms, About Samos reserves, the right to reject any reservation made notifying the user accordingly.


  • The prices announced on the Website, in relation to the services provided include the total fee for the specific service, the relevant taxes and charges as well as any fee that About Samos charges for the services provided through the Website - effective at the time of completion of the reservation or transaction - unless otherwise stated in the Website. In case the user chooses the telephone reservation service, the user will be informed about the relevant cost which is on top of the fees announced on the Website before the reservation is confirmed and the relevant charge will take effect only if it is accepted.

  • All prices announced on the Website are actual, final and valid at the time of the search. The prices of air tickets are subject to change depending on the availability of the airline at the time of the search.

  • The cost of each service provided through the Website is defined by the relevant Third Party Provider and is announced to About Samos along with any taxes imposed and the relevant fees of About Samos. About Samos is not responsible for the setting and any alteration of these prices whatsoever.

  • The prices announced on the Website may be altered by About Samos even after the completion of the reservation procedure, if the Third-Party Provider, who set the specific price, alters it and notifies About Samos accordingly. In any case, any prices’ alterations made after confirmation of a reservation are made exceptionally and mainly due to a potential increase in the imposed taxes, fees and/or duties.

  • The price of services is paid according to the procedure announced on the Website.

  • Currency that will be used for your offline payment is only EUROS.

  • The credit card owner details are automatically forwarded to the Financial Institution that is responsible to execute the transaction.

  • which they are legal owners and authorized users. In case a credit card of a third person is being used, the presentation of a specific authorization in writing or consent of the legal owner of the said credit card is required along with the passport copy.ofUsers should use a credit card

  • About Samos is entitled to require users to provide any personal data and information considered as necessary for the provision and charge of the services (e.g. copy of an ID or a Passport and/or the credit card, home address certification etc.), anytime, in order to identify the user of the services with credit card details used and for any other reason deemed necessary by About Samos with regard to the provision of the services.

  • If the payment is processed via bank deposit, the payment transaction has to be completed within a specific timeframe.

  • Before the payment process has been finalized and About Samos has received the payment, About Samos has no obligation to provide any documents to the user. In any case, the customer is always responsible for paying the amount of the booked services and products in total.



  • Third Party Providers set and announce the accepted procedures regarding cancellations and alterations of reservation, as well as the provision of their goods/services.

  • The user who wishes to cancel or modify his reservation or any service purchased should contact About Samos directly via phone the soonest possible. If a cancellation or modification possibility is provided according to the terms of the Third Party Provider, the user is being notified accordingly and these terms are applied with respect to any sums to be returned as reimbursement and/ or to be retained as cancellation fee. In addition to any such sums, About Samos may charge a cancellation fee or a fee for the reservation’s alteration or the good, as defined at the price list (also sometimes announced on the Website).It is highlighted that About Samos’s commission for the completion of the reservation or the procurement of the good is not returned.

  • The ability to change or cancel a product or service and the conditions governing such a change or cancellation are subject to conditions set by each provider to which About Samos has no influence. If the supplier provides the user the right to cancel or change a product or service, the user is obliged to inform About Samos in writing about the cancellation or change, otherwise About Samos may not cancel or modify the reservation.

  • Before making any reservation or booking, the user must read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Apart from the possible change fee - change of class of service - cancellation as set by the provider, the charge by About Samos (service fee) is defined according to the following: Change/Reissue of services: 10 Euro/ticket

  • For change or cancellation of a travel package, accommodation or any other service, the customer should take About Samos’s advice before taking any action.

  • In case of cancellation, the commission paid when purchasing a service is non-refundable. In case of cancellation with the fault of the supplier, no additional service fee is charged by About Samos.

  • About Samos is not obliged to respond to requests for changes or cancellations in less than 8 working hours. The company does not support changes or cancellations of air or ferry tickets, outside operating hours.

  • The refund for Mideast’s services will be made 30 days after the date of cancellation.




  • Access to the Website and purchase of the services promoted therein involves that the users notify About Samos of any information which About Samos considers necessary for the successful and safe provision and delivery of the goods/services requested. The users have to notify About Samos with accurate information such as name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, credit card data, etc. Upon the insertion of the data required, each user unconditionally consents to the collection, usage, and processing of the personal data provided for the purpose of purchasing the goods/services requested. If any user does not agree with the collection, usage, processing and/or forwarding personal data in accordance with these terms, this user should refrain from using the Website’s services, otherwise, it is assumed that the General Terms and Conditions continue to be unconditionally accepted by the particular user.

  • About Samos collects and keeps records solely of the personal data that each user voluntarily provides by inserting any data required in the relevant fields and/or providing answers with regard to specific actions performed by About Samos and to which the users may voluntarily participate.

  • The purpose of the collection, usage, and processing of personal data that each user notifies to About Samos is the provision of the goods/services for receiving which the user’s personal details are necessary.

  • Each user upon acceptance of these terms gives an explicit and unconditional consent for the usage, maintenance, processing and forwarding of the personal data and details that he notifies to About Samos, by About Samos and any Third Party Providers in order to receive the goods he requested through the Website.

  • About Samos retains the right to use the user’s contact details for the dispatch of information/ promotional messages with regard to its goods and services as well as of relevant offers and/or announcements, if the said user has not withdrawn its consent accordingly.

  • If a user does not wish that his personal data is used for the dispatch for such kind of updates by About Samos, he should notify About Samos by sending an e-mail message at using the same e-mail address, declared upon subscription, quoting: “I don’t wish to receive information material”.

  • The collection, maintenance, processing and forwarding of the personal data that the users notify to About Samos through the Website are collected and subject to usage and processing in accordance with personal data protection laws and specifically in accordance with the Greek laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006, as in force.

  • About Samos allows access to the users’ personal data only to authorized persons who are required to have access on a ‘need to know basis’. In this scope, About Samos reserves the right to grant authorized access or/and the right for the usage and processing of the personal data to third natural persons or legal entities, to which the processing has been assigned.

  • The user’s personal data protection by Third Party Providers is defined in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions set and notified by these Third Party Providers and About Samos bears no responsibility thereof.

  • About Samos reserves the right to use the provided by the users' data for statistical, promotional, research or/and advertising purposes, notifying this data e.g. to market research companies assigned for the said purposes, in a way the identification of the person they refer to would not be possible.




  • About Samos does not warrant nor is responsible regarding the availability of the goods/services provided but simply announces the specified information on the Website as notified by each Third Party Provider.

  • The information, software, products and services featured on this Website may contain inaccurate information or typographical errors. About Samos does not guarantee or assume any liability for inaccuracies about accommodation, images provided, product descriptions, services or other descriptions that are presented on the Website. Accommodation and other service suppliers providing travel or other information to About Samos´s Website are independent entities and not About Samos agents or employees. Also, About Samos is not responsible for the adequacy, appropriateness or the availability of the goods/services provided by Third Party Providers as well as for any actions or omissions in their collaboration with About Samos and/or for any services provided to users that may cause compensation claims for any reason. In any case About Samos has no responsibility to users or any third party for direct or indirect damages, foregone profits, lost revenues or profits, loss of opportunity, loss or damage of data and in general any kind of damage or loss due to access and / or usage of the Website and the goods/services acquired through this, injury, death, property damage or other damage that may result from third party services, delays, cancellations, overbooking, strike, force majeure beyond reasonable control of About Samos, the privacy policy Terms and Conditions stated on Third Party Provider’s websites and the information provided and published by each services’ supplier.

  • About Samos under no circumstances is to be held responsible for accidents and other incidents that happen during the excursions, tours, and activities that About Samos or any of the third party partners support. About Samos and its partners will do their best to secure all time the protection, support and well being of its users. We recommend that all of the users of About Samos services have their own insurance, and mention any health issues, special requirements, and other related matters prior to organizing an event with About Samos.

  • AboutSamos although it recommends a number of accommodations, places to eat, drink and visit, based on personal experiences, it does not guarantee the quality the user will receive from the third parties. About Samos has vetted all of those and will do its best to provide the users with a safety, support, help and further recommendations. All users using the information provided by About Samos are solely responsible for their well being.

  • About Samos makes every possible effort for the smooth operation of the website without providing any guarantee either regarding its normal functioning and the suitability of the software, the products and the services offered, as well as or that the website will never go down and it will be free from viruses and the likes. The same applies to the information included on this website that is provided by third parties.

  • This website contains links to websites of third parties. About Samos is not responsible for the availability, privacy policy, content of third party websites and for any damage arising from their usage, since the users have access to them at their own responsibility.

  • Under very exceptional cases, the price of the fare shown on About Samos website may not be valid on final booking confirmation. About Samos is only bound to the price appeared on the ticket delivered.


  • The website user guarantees that he/she is over 18 years old and is responsible for any use of this Website by minors on his behalf.

  • The user is obliged to use the Website in accordance with the law and follow the Terms and Conditions stated therein.

  • Any usage of the Website for misleading or speculative purposes, or purposes that could cause a malfunction in the provision of services, is prohibited.

  • Any irregular action performed while using the Website will result in blocking the user’s access to the services provided.

  • If the user represents a company and requests to issue an invoice, the user must provide About Samos with the correct information. In case of incorrect information provided by the user and in order to cancel the existing invoice and issue a new one, there is an extra 5€ charge.

  • The user shall defend and indemnify About Samos and any third party providers and distributors and their executives, directors, employees and agents from and against any claim, cause of action or demand, including any legal and/or accounting fees brought by:

  • The user’s or on the user’s behalf violation of the liability as described herein

  • Third parties as a result of the user’s violation of the website’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Violation of the law or the rights of any third party

  • Bad usage of this Website



  • Any copying, distribution, data transferring, altering, resale, creating of derivative work or misleading of the public about the actual provider of the Website’s content is strictly prohibited.


  • About Samos operates 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) 08:00 - 19:00 and on Saturdays 09:00 – 14:00. Provision of information, telephone transactions, and payment, can only be made within that time.

  • For any request made outside the aforementioned operating hours by email, or telephone, etc, the next working day is considered as the date of receipt of this request, always depending on the request and the respective operating hours of the department responsible.


  • About Samos reserves the right to modify these terms unilaterally, without any prior notification to the users.

  • Non-acceptance of these terms or breach thereof, in whole or in part, provides About Samos the right to reject the user’s booking and/ or block his access to the Website and goods provided through it.

  • This Agreement will be governed by the laws of Greece. The customer consents and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Athens, Greece, in all questions and controversies arising out of the customer’s usage of this site and this Agreement.

  • The validity of the aforementioned terms and conditions cannot be limited by any potential contrary transaction term of user. Amendments and additions to the terms may only be valid if they are accepted by About Samos’s legal representatives. Any amendments and additions, as well as additional agreements, should be made in writing. Delivery of such information by email is equivalent to delivery by letter.

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