House in Karlovasi, in Samos island

Property Services

We offer three options when it comes to properties, in most island regions.


  1. Property Management & Branding

  2. Property Sale & Buying

  3. Property Renting


The properties listed below by region are some of the properties we manage and brand.


1. Property Management & Branding

Our team in About Samos makes sure that you have a piece of mind when it comes to earning from your property. You have the option to let us manage your property for a season or a whole year. We know that managing a property can be done in many ways. When done correctly and with a focus, it will increase your reservation by 30% to 40%. By placing your property in About Samos site, you receive the money from the reservation when it is booked, rather than when the guests arrive.  We also place your property on a number of websites we pre-agree to increase traffic.


We know personally all the property owners which we co-operate as we believe it is not just business, but more trust. We work as a team, respecting the wishes or arrangements of the owners and specific requirements. Having pride in our work, we treat their property like it is one of ours and advise them regarding tax and governmental regulations.


Before placing your property on the market, our team prepares your property, refurbish (if needed), decorate and photograph, in order to create an image which matches our guest’s expectations. We create the descriptions and SEO option is available (and recommended) for your property so it is easy to be found.

We then decide together where you would like your property to be marketed. 

For luxury properties/villas you have the option to create a specific website, thus diverting traffic directly to you. If you would like to know more about managing and/or branding your property, click here: 


2. Property & Land Sales 

Being local means that we identify unique opportunities. Our goal is to make your dream of owning a place in Greece, a reality.  

We are aware of the many complications that can happen. This is the reason why we filtered a number of local estate agents and secured partnerships with the most friendly, reliable, experienced with local and international clients, efficiency, but most importantly, with the highest customer satisfaction and reoccurring clients.


All our listings are ready to be bought (properties and land), meaning they are clear from legal, contractual, administrative and financial issues, so it can be yours within days, not months. And most important, after they are bought we have the team to help you make your dream a reality, including management (rent, tax issues, construction, repair, etc.) of your property, while you are not on the island. Feel free to ask for references.

Regarding buying land, we focus on land that can be build (more than 4,000  sq.m.),

For people selling their property, we support you in negotiations and expose you to our existing clients, many of which have a personal relationship with.


Let us know what your needs and budget are and we will support you in the search of your dream property in Samos. For more information regarding selling or buying a property, click here:


3. Property Rentals

Through the years of experience and the number of properties we work with, we know that after the season is over, there are a lot of people who still want to rent.

Due to the particularities of the island and geopolitical circumstances you have many options. We opt for the one which matches your expectations and needs.


About Samos helps you rent your property or rent a property, with focus on quality and support. We have a range of properties we work with and know their ins and outs, so you do not get any surprises. Whether it is for a short or a long stay, we can support you.


We offer two options. Renting your property or helping you rent a property.

For more information about renting your or a property, click here: