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Region 1

Region 1 - Samos Town 

About Samos Town

The Town of Samos was built in the middle of the 18th century as the port of Vathi, on the coast, At first, there were only depots for the necessities of the trade, mainly tobacco. Samos town was initially named Kato Vathy (meaning low Vathy). Its current name (Samos town) was given in 1958. After the union of Samos with Greece, Samos town remained the administrative centre of the island, as well as it became the capital of the Samos Prefecture and the seat of the local municipality.

When in Samos town do visit Ano Vathi (upper Vathi). The houses here are built amphitheatrically, around the bay. The narrow streets protected a few hundred years ago from the pirates. Strolling through those narrow streets will take you back in time. Notable buildings in Samos are the old churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Spiridon, the town hall, the library, and the statue of the big lion statue on the central square.

Listing 12 - Amazing 50 apartment complex with pool and grounds

Overlooking Samos Town


Samos Town - Hill

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Listing 13 & 14 - Two amazing 4000 sq.m. (each) pieces of land

Between Samos Town and Kedros

€50.000 each 

Agia Markela

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 12.29.46 AM.png
Region 2

Region 2 - Kokkari

About Kokkari

Kokkari preserves its old traditional face, with small houses and lanes full of flowers. An easy-going fishing village on the northwest coast of Samos, it is a cluster of pretty, terracotta-roofed Greek houses that stretch out along a triangle-shaped peninsula. T


his small peninsula is full of houses that climb up to the top of the hill with a small harbor on one side and a superb pebble beach on the other (north).

Listing L22 - Land 

8,444 sq. m. buildable land with vineyards and olive trees & 1,002 sq. m. forest.


Kokkari - Vigles


Listing L23 - Land 

5,173 sq. m. buildable, offering the possibility to have constructed a house of over 240 sq. m.

Kokkari - Dentrias


Listing L24 - Land

5,455 sq. m. Part 1 (76,24 sq. m. is forest) & Part 2 (5,377 sq. m. is buildable)

Kokkari - Katavothra


Region 2 - Vourliotes village

Vourliotes is probably one of the most picturesque and prettiest mountain villages of Samos, at the foot of the mountain Lazaros, in the north of the island, at about 350 meters altitude. This typical Mediterranean village is situated in a green area that is literally ‘drowning’ from dense pine forest and many vineyards. The history of the village dates back to the 16th century and its earliest inhabitants came from the village of Vourla in Minor Asia, the ancient city of Klazomenes. Currently, the village has approximately 500 inhabitants which product excellent wine, citrus and cherries.

Listing 79 - House in Vourliotes Village

House area of 60 sq. m. 

2 floors, large front terrace, two entrances, spectacular views

Vourliotes Village

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Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.30.05.png
Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.28.53.png

Agios Konstantinos village

Region 3

Agios Konstantinos or as the locals call it, Agios, is located on the north of Samos island by the seaside. The village is stretched behind a narrow pebble beach and a protective stone wall, ascending into a patchwork of stepped garden plots.


Agios Konstantinos is surrounded by lush vegetation and the area of Platanakia and Aidonia, a forest of age-long, towering plane trees, where you can hear the melody of nightingales. Agios has rich water sources, with a number of natural springs. From there you are lead to most of Samos islands hiking paths, including the famous nightingale paths and the villages of Stavrinides, Manolates, Vourliotes and many more.


The village is 20 km distance from Samos town, 12 from Karlovasi and 30 from Pythagorio and the island airport.

Region 3

Listing L32 - 425 sq. m. land with 73,55 sq.m house with amazing views

Ano Agios Konstantinos  


Listing L31 - Sea View land & ruins of stone build traditional house

246,1 sq. m. (73,8 sq. m. kalivi ruins)  

Agios Konstantinos  



Koumeika  - Region 6

About Koumeika - Region 6

Koumeika's name came from its first inhabitants, which came from Kymi or Koumi, in Evia. This was around the 17th and 18th century. It is a very picturesque village, with beautiful architecture and a large square under the shade of the centuries-old plane tree, planted in 1882.  In the same year the imposing public fountain, a designated historical monument since 1998, in the village square was built. Its three taps, flow natural spring water, all year round,  The architecture of the village is very traditional and since 2002 it has been characterized by the Greek government as a settlement of exceptional natural beauty.


The village is not far from the sea (2,4 km distance). Nearby you will find two of the most beautiful beaches of Samos island. Balos, a partly sandy beach, and Pefko beach. Koumeika is 9,5 km from Marathokampos village and 14km from Karlovasi, the second biggest town on Samos island.

Region 6

Listing 60 - Traditional house - Ready to move in, 2,4 km from the beach.

Two bedrooms, ground floor 72 sq.m.  with garden 20 sq. m. five mins walk from the village square. Parking in front and back.

Koumeika v

Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 10.10.38 PM.png
Region 8

Palaiokastro  - Region 8

About Palaiokastro - Region 8

This part of the island has many beautiful beaches. When in Phili Amos go for ouzo and seafood at the taverna at the right-hand side as you enter the beach. Posidonio is ideal for a late coffee or if you want to experience a night swim. For fresh fish and seafood, the taverna of Triantafilos is where all the Greeks and fans of great food go.​

When in this region of Samos go for a dive at the beaches of Kasonisi (see video link), Kerveli, Klima, Posidonio on one side and on the other, Mykali and Psili Amos. 


If you have children with you, go for a swim on the beach of Psili Amos. This shallow, sandy beach is ideal for fun for all ages.

Listing L81 - land

11,000 sq. m.


Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 11.32.16 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 11.31.23 PM.png

Listing L82 - land & Small traditional house

Land of 27,323 sq. m. with ruins of 17 sq. m. small stone house (kalivi)

Vlamari / Paleokastro road

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