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Colage of being a Samian with experiences you can do in Samos, Greece

Be a Samian....for a day

For a truly unforgettable and authentic experience, About Samos helps you see the island as a Samian for a day. 

Bellow is a list of those experiences.


Prices for those experiences start from €35 per person, depending on the level of adaptation and intensity you would require.


All our experiences range from a few hours to a day, are done with locals and people who love what they do and are knowledgeable in the service they provide. During those experiences, we are always available to help you get the best of being a Samian for a day, or night. 



Island / Regional Exploration
Regional map of Samos, Greece 2018

Regional Exploration – Visit an Island region or multiple and let us show you our way of seeing our island.

We make sure that you visit and see the best regions of our island, including things to do, must see and eat and drink.


The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with the level of intensity that you like, focusing on the things that you prefer and like to experience, without having to think about anything.

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Full Moon
Men standing on the moonlight, hikig in Samos, Greece

Full Moon - Something to remember, for the ones in love.....or not

About Samos offers full moon experiences. Those can be done in groups (hiking, cycling) but also more personal and ideal for anniversaries, celebrations. A unique sensation of walking in the dark and being able to see, smell and hear the wild nature at that time. The best months to do those are July and August.

Some of our full moon excursions are:

 - Hike

 - Cycle

 -  Swim

 - Yoga

 - Dinner

 - Wine & Fruit

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Grapes in Samos, Greece
Collection of herbs

Harvest - Get ready to roll your sleeves.

We offer a number of services to let you come closer to locals. All our excursions are daily, so they do not strain you. Being able to pace yourself, at the end of your day you get some of the product which you helped harvest.

Let us know what level of immersion you want and we will suggest the most suitable for you, always depending on the time of the year

- Herbs (Herbal teas and other nature goodies) - most months

- Honey & Bee - All Summer

- Cherries - May to June

- Grapes & Wine Experience - August to September

- Figs - July to August

- Olive & Olive Oil - September to November

- Truffles - Summer period (yes, have you read right. Samos has truffles)...

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Pot of stuffed vegetables, gemista
Table being set for romantic dinner
EOSS Samos, old winnery in Samo, Greece
Greek people dancing
single tend under the stars
Man fishing in Tsopela beach in Samos, Greece

Cooking Lessons - Learn to cook like us, from us

We organize classes where you get taught a number of recipes but also the sourcing of the ingredients. What we look for, how we prepare them, how we enjoy them after. This experience comes with lots of wine or ouzo, depending on what we cook.


For the month of April and early May we also have making cheese (goat) classes with local farmers.

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Culinary – Let us look after you, Greek Style (feed)

Have your dinner is taken care off, where you wish. (Moonlight picknick, or remote beach lunch or dinner as well as in your apartment or villa). We take into considerations what your preferences are and organize a nice atmospheric dinner. The only thing you have to do is let us know what you like and enjoy.

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Visit a Winery – Taste the history of winemaking

Wine Tasting in a number of local producers, starting from the world famous EOSS, which was the oldest wine association in Greece until two years ago. This tour includes also visiting new wineries, and people who are passionate and carry the tradition of generations (and pride) on their shoulders.

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Greek Dancing classes – Prepare for a Panigiri or not.....

With so many local celebrations and panigiria, you have the chance to learn a few basic dances that will allow you to participate and fully enjoy the experience of dancing with the locals.


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Camping, taken to another level.

We take care of all the things you would normally have to, so you can enjoy the experience and be immersed in nature. Samos nature is ideal for camping from safety to locations available. However, you have to know a few things. 


We pick the location depending on the weather, we set everything up (tend & hammock, inflatable mattress). We can organize some food if you require as fires are not allowed. You are left alone to experience and in the morning or next day we meet for the return.


We make sure we look after our island, so we expect the same. You will be expected to leave zero garbage or waste.


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Fishing – Relaxing like the locals

We can arrange different types of fishing, all depending on your level of experience. Harpooning included.

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