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Red clay pot with Happy Easter in Greek

Things to do in Samos in the coming months 

To help you experience the most of Samos, we have put here a few suggestions every month. We do our best to update this, as soon as we become aware of what is happening. 

We hope those links will make your experience in Samos even more enjoyable and fun. 


Some things to notice this month:


The start of the summer is here. May is one of the best months for anyone that prefers not so hot days. The climate is perfect for hiking and walks in the mountains.

Temperatures during May range from 15 to 25 degrees on average.

  • 5th and 6th of May - Photochase

Photochase is taking place in Karlovasi. Take your camera with you or your mobile and go to Karlovasi on the 5th  & 6th of May. 


Registration for the event is until the 20th of April and can be done from:

  • Library of the University of Aegean - Karlovasi

  • Agricultural Goods Evgenia (STIHL) - Karlovasi

  • Clothing Store Sarantidis - Samos Town.


Watch a video here about the event. 

  • 12th of May at 12:00 opening of Kedros Beach Bar - Kedros beach

for more about the event click here: 



  • 26th & 27th of May - Street Art Festival in Karlovasi Port

This event breaks the ice creating a destination for artists.

A Festival of color, creativity and inspiration come to life in Karlovasi


  • 8th / 9th of June the Kokkari festival takes place 

The first two weeks of June have perfect, sunny and warm 80 degrees (27 °C) weather, with little clouds or rain and hardly any wind. Those are the days to head towards the north side of Samos island. 


In the following months, there are many religious festivals and cultural events that happen on the Island of Samos.  The majority of them take place in July and August.  


On the days of religious festivals, it is a custom in Samos to serve the locals and visitors alike, a traditional dish called ‘Giorti’, savory dish made with wheat, onions and goat meat prepared for the whole night before the celebrations early next day.

The origin of those feasts are traced back thousands of years, from Minor Asia, even mentioned in ancient Greek times, where those kinds of feasts were associated with animal sacrifices. The feast back then was the invocation of divine protection, thanksgiving, fulfillment of a meal for health, happiness, euphorbia. Later, during the Christian period, it was in harmony with the Christian communes and the banks of love.

We recommend trying at least once this experience as it is a unique opportunity to be properly immersed in the local culture.




  • 17th of July - The religious feast of Agia Marina, Vourliotes.


  • 26th & 27th of July - The religious celebration and feast of Agia Paraskevi, in the village of Hora


  • End of July / Begging of August  - Samos Wine Festival

The wine festival takes place every summer, starting off in the small villages around the island and ending up in Samos town with wine tasting, music and performances. 

You have to buy a souvenir cup and it can be filled it as many times as you like.  

More information visit:


August is the month of the year that most things take place in Greece. 

  • 5th of August – The battle of Mikali

A festival held to celebrate the anniversary of the Sea Battle of Mikali that took place between the Samians and the Ottomans on the 5th August 1824 during the Greek War of Independence.  The Samians used ‘fireships’ (ships deliberately set on fire and sailed into the enemy fleet) to defeat the Ottoman invasion.  In the evening of the festival, a symbolic ‘fireship’ is set alight in the harbor of Pythagorio. During this day there are a lot of fireworks.


  • 7, 8 & 9 of August – Ireon Music Festival

The Ireon Music festival started in 2003 and has become one of the biggest music festivals in Greece.  Local, National and International bands play Rock/Pop/Electro and Reggae throughout this 3-day event. This year the even is celebrating its 16th. Find more information here:

This year the festival will include groups like Inner Circle, the legendary Bad Boys of Reggae, celebrating 50 years bringing Jamaican music to the world.

  • 7 – 13th of August - Samos Young Artists Festival

For the 9th consecutive year, this even will be held in the ancient theater of Pythagorion.

Admission tickets can be purchased at the box office for € 5. The theater was constructed in the fourth century B.C. and is located on a hillside at the foot of Mount Kastri, near the Panagia Spiliani Monastery. It looks out over the harbor city of Pythagorion – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and the sea. Today, the theater has 1000 seats. When traveling on the main road to Vathy (Samos Town), turn left towards the Efpalinon Tunnel just before leaving town. The theater is within 20 minutes walking distance of Pythagorion. Due to the traffic situation, those who drive are recommended to arrive early.


  • 15th of August – The Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

This is one of the most special days for Greeks. During this day there are many celebrations in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. There is one in Vathi as well as in Pythagorean or any other church dedicated to Virgin Mary.


  • 8th of September – Feast in the monastery of Virgin Mary

Held in Panagia Vrondiani in Vourliotes village, this is a famous festivity across the islanders of Samos. As always there will be Giorti to try (see June).

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