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Learn Sailing in Samos

Explore the Aegean sea
like an islander

Sailing lessons, trips and experiences in the Aegian

While you are in Samos, why not take the opportunity to learn how to sail or do a sailing trip and visit other islands in the Agean sea. 


Samos has one of the top 5 largest natural harbors of the Aegean sea, with enough space to allow lessons within a safe distance from the marina, with all kinds of weather.


As an island, Samos is known for its clean, clear waters, pristine turquoize colors, and marine life. It is often that you can see dolphins, seals, sea turtles, even large tuna hunting from the shores of the island. While sailing, this becomes a lot more personal. 


About Samos corporate with experienced instructors and offer a number of services, and amazing deals for diversifying your holidays in Samos, with options to sail around the island and not only as well as the opportunity to learn how to sail or enjoy the pleasure of sailing. 

About our course and our Instructors


We have developed learning programs for novice sailors. If is your first time onboard or you are planning to get the sailing diploma or even have the certificate but you do not feel confident to sail by yourself in Aegean Seam our professional skippers and sail instructors will offer their skills and expertise and teach you the required skills to master sailing a yacht by your own.


Our courses are personalized, in small groups of maximum 4 people, where you receive full attention. Our lead instructor has over 40 years of sailing experience and owns a sailing boat. As an examiner, he has trained hundreds of people and helped them become competent sailors. The lessons are done 80% on board and 20% off board.


Being locals our isntructors know all the particularities of our seas. They have visited almost all the Aegean islands, being mainly active in the islands of North, East Aegean, and the Dodecanese. They have participated in a number of sailing races. For students who enjoy competitions, we can arrange to take part in the local regattas, as a team. 


Sailing Licence - €800 per person

Duration - 10 days - 3h/day (10 days in total)

Equipment & Boat


Boat - 31 foot

Exams - In English or Greek

License - Greek / International

Classes - Morning and evening, 3 hours/ day

Courses delivered:

- Sailing boat nomenclature

- Anchorage

- Shipping

- Trip Sails

- Avoid collisions at sea

- Emergencies

- Communications

Sailing Trips & Excursions*

Half a day trip - €100 per person

Day trip - €200 per person

Sunset Sailing - 3h €100 per person

2 days trip - €200 per person (1 night)

*Prices are based on groups of 4 people.

Possible Trips

We have here a link with distances, as well as some recommendations for islands that you can visit with us.



Feel free to contact us directly on +306971972076

Ikaria: Samos is very close to Ikaria one of the 5 blue zones around the world. Yes, only 34 nautical miles away from Samos is the island where people live the most in the world.  


The name of this island is derived from Icarus, the son of Daedalus who escaped king Minoas Labyrinth. Icarus was the first flier in Greek mythology, and it was believed that he had fallen into the sea nearby.

Icaria is home to the famous natural springs, located mainly on the SE coast. The springs at Therma's coast were known since antiquity. They belong to the category of radioactive springs.


If you are not up for some thermal therapy, Ikaria also offers the world-famous panigiria (folklore parties) where people eat, drink and dance for days, celebrating life.


One of the reasons why many people from Ikaria live over 100 years old.


Fourni: 30 nautical miles, Fourni is a complex of islands that lie between Samos and Ikaria, Eastern Aegean islands. It is at first the ideal destination for everyone who wants to escape the noisy crowds.


The port of Fourni is filled with fishing boats, as the majority of the villagers are fishermen, The fishing activity of Fourni has accentuated the island as one of the best fishing fleets in Greece.

The waterfront is filled with taverns and restaurants that serve incredible dishes from their local cuisine. You can sit at one of the tree-shaded tables outside and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and watch the people passing by in the one and only busy street of the village.

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Agathonisi: The ancient Yetousa, is the northernmost islet of the Dodecanese complex. This tiny island is 34 nautical miles away from the port of Vathi. Quiet and peaceful with only donkeys and roosters to wake you up in the morning, since it is almost traffic-free.

The islanders live mainly off fishing and an estimated 800 tourists visit the island every summer. The area of Katholiko is a fishing refuge with fish cultures. Its highest land peak is Dendra, 209 meters.

You come to Agathonisi to relax, so bring good literature, snorkeling gear and perhaps a fishing rod. It is also a nice island for walking.


There are a couple of taverns where you can stay up late and just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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Samiopoula: The small island of Samiopoula is close to the southern coast of Samos, only 34 nautical miles from the port of Vathi. Its name means small Samos.


There are two beaches on Samiopoula, Psalida beach, and Katsakas beach. Psalida is the best one, with nice white sand, crystalline waters and free umbrellas. 

Samiopoula has only five inhabitants! In spite of its small size, Samiopoula has some interesting buildings, such as the small parish churches of Agia Pelagia and the Ascension of Christ. 

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Lipsι :  Known in Greek mythology as Ogygia, this is the mythical island inhabited by the goddess Calypso. Lipsi is the main island of a cluster of 30 islands in the south-eastern Aegean. This is a hidden diamond of the Aegean that will enchant you with the wonderful smells, hot sun, and smiles of the locals.

The inhabitants are famous for their hospitality and the island for the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, a perfect destination for relaxation, the clear blue waters, the picturesque cobbled streets of Chora and the delicious food.

There are many sandy beaches in Lipsi with crystal clear waters and are usually shallow. There are many pebble beaches too. When in Lipsi visit the settlements, walk-in Chora, have a look at the folklore - ecclesiastic museum, the archaeological site of Kastro and taste many traditional dishes with seafood, and fresh products, which will be unforgettable. 

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Arki: Arki is one of the paradise islands of the Dodecanese, at a distance of 48 nautical miles, part of an island complex with dry land, rocky terrain blessed with the finest of nature. Arki is known for its emerald, sapphire, and turquoise waters with exceptional beauty.


This well-kept secret is a buried hidden treasure, and a hideaway escape in the Aegean, waiting for you to discover it. The pristine sceneries create a mysterious contrast with the deep blue of the sea shadowed from rich combinations of colors, surrounded by low and bushy vegetation. The virgin landscapes will make this island visit unforgettable.


The harbor of Arki is the sole village located on the southwest side of the island. There are a few monuments to visit, like the castle of Arki on the low hill on the west side of the village. The cave of Votsi is located in the area of Halaro. Finally, visit the church of Panagia Pananassa which on the 23rd of August a traditional festival takes place, known as panigiri. The most beautiful beach of Arki is the beach of Tiganakia, which is sandy and pebbled with turquoise waters, surrounded by rocks making it possible to swim even when there are strong winds. 

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Patmos: Only 52 nautical miles away from Samos, Patmos is a significant Christian pilgrimage site.


Here you will find the Cave of the Apocalypse, the location that John of Patmos received the visions found in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament, and where the book was written.


A fortresslike, 11th-century monastery dedicated to the saint overlooks the whitewashed houses of the hilltop capital, Hora.

According to Forbes magazine, Patmos is "Europe’s most idyllic place to live” with an air of quiet tranquility, which is one reason why people that know it return again and again”, including some celebrities who own properties on the island.

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