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Natural Skin Healings

Ancient healings
made from
plants of

Skin restorative, regenerative and healing   natural products

OPA natural healing products are created for two reasons. To preserve ancient healing recipes from being lost and to spread the goodness of nature and timeless wisdom working together in harmony.

All our products are made with love, sustainably, with 100% organic/natural ingredients, no petrochemicals, dyes, or any form of preservatives. The ingredients are sourced directly from mountains in Samos, the river of Goddess Hera and local suppliers (oils)

Our products have helped people and been delivered to as far as New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Thailand. Once you try it you will experience its magical healing skin restorative, regenerative properties, especially on burning scars with our cream.

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A bit of history of OPA Natural Skin Healing Products

I am Yiorgo and I come from Samos. I am the owner and creator of this website. In my family, we never experienced burning pains, and nor did we ever have any skin burning marks. We always had a small container with OPA cream my grandfather made. As soon as we burned ourselves, no matter how big or small the burn, we applied immediately his restorative, reconditioning, and regenerating skin healing cream. 


The recipe is many hundreds of years old. The wisdom my grandfather received from our ancestors. The cream's "magical" healing properties gave immediate pain relief, stopped blistering, and resulted in fast recovery of the skin, with no scaring. And I am not only talking about small burns. The cream has worked on a full-body application and serious burns and scars, with miraculous results, from the first application.

In 2018 together with my grandmother Maria, 93 years old at the time, following her VERY specific instructions, I began to record and prepare the original recipe, trying to understand the reason behind its miraculous effectiveness and healing properties. To my surprise, they followed the ancient teachings of Hippocrates and sacred botany.

The first bunch we created was for friends in Switzerland. With their help, we created the brand, packaging and logo. The name came as we used to call the cream “the grandfathers cream”. OPA in German means grandfather and it is a Greek popular expression that accompanies acts of often excitement.

What do OPA fans say:

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OPA Natural skin healing cream - €12.50, buy 3 for €30

Our recipe combines nature and timeless wisdom working together in harmony. It is made with love and positive energy when collecting ingredients that are 100% organic and natural. It has no petrochemicals, dyes, or any form of preservatives.

One of the main ingredients of this cream is the "holy" herb of goddess Hera, and together with one more ingredient, it is sourced directly from Hera's sacred ancient river Imbrasos, in Samos. This is the river where goddess Hera, the queen of Greek gods and wife of Zeus, the protector of women, marriage & femininity, was born and married in. 

This herb together with the rest of the ingredients has "magical" healing properties, restoring, regenerating, and healing the skin, relieving pain within minutes of application.

The cream has over 8 different natural ingredients, including herbs, oils, all of which follow the teachings of Hippocrates and will give you quick relief from burns, skin cuts, dry lips, dry hands, and skin, fungi (fingernails).

The cream removed even stretch marks within 4 to 6 weeks of daily application. My grandmother even used it for her melanoma. 

The original recipe is tried and tested over many generations, being hundreds of years old, from the time when people only cared about healing and not as nowadays big pharma's do, profits.


Every cream that you purchase is helping to preserve this almost lost knowledge, allowing us to look for more of those ancient recipes and bring them to you. 

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OPA Natural skin healing Serum  - €9.50, buy 3 for €25

Balsam Serum is made of Hypericum perforatum, known as Saint John's wort, an aromatic plant with many healing properties, famous with the ancient Spartans & Greek warriors, which used it to heal wounds from the swords of opponents (thus in Greece is known as "spathohorto", meaning sword plant).


We source the plant flowers from high altitudes, from the pristine forests of Samos island. We produce the serum ourselves, collecting the flower while making sure not to hurt the plant and not to over-harvest.

Therapeutic Properties: 
Used Externally - Only at night.
Never expose skin covered with the oil - serum in the sun or apply during the daytime. 

Balsam serum has been used in the treatment of wounds and cuts for millennia, for healing, and as an anti-inflammatory.  It is an effective healing agent for bruising, sciatica, rheumatic and joint pains, and injuries.

Our product protects irritated and sensitive skin, eliminates scars from burns, accelerates the healing of wounds, bruises, varicose veins, eczema. It helps with soothing dry irritated scalps, removing dandruff. We have even discovered it has mosquito repellent properties. 

Used Internally - No more than a teaspoon/day.
The serum is a common ingredient in dental hygiene products, especially effective in reducing bacteria, preventing infections due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties

It helps boost the immune system and reduces signs of aging. As a diuretic, it can help induce urination and remove harmful toxins from the body, keeping the kidneys functioning properly.

Finally, it is great for soothing stomach pains, especially chronic ones, which after 2-4 teaspoons are reduced and eliminated. 


Both cream and serum are available to buy via order.

Give us a call or sent a WhatsApp/Viber on +30 697 197 2076 and we can arrange delivery to your location when in Samos or post it abroad.

Alternatively, you can order via Etsy, just click the link below and it will take you to our shop and social media where you can also place orders there.

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