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Samos Town  - Region 1

About Samos Town

The Town of Samos was built in the middle of the 18th century as the port of Vathi, on the coast, At first, there were only depots for the necessities of the trade, mainly tobacco. Samos town was initially named Kato Vathy (meaning low Vathy). Its current name (Samos town) was given in 1958. After the union of Samos with Greece, Samos town remained the administrative centre of the island, as well as it became the capital of the Samos Prefecture and the seat of the local municipality.

When in Samos town do visit Ano Vathi (upper Vathi). The houses here are built amphitheatrically, around the bay. The narrow streets protected a few hundred years ago from the pirates. Strolling through those narrow streets will take you back in time. Notable buildings in Samos are the old churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Spiridon, the town hall, the library, and the statue of the big lion statue on the central square.

Samos Town - Apartments Listing 11


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Listing 11.png

Prices for the small apartments start from €20.000 EU !!!!

This is an amazing opportunity, in Samos Town. Situated in Kalami area of the town, this listing is only a few minutes’ walk from a couple of beaches, including Gangou beach and the town harbour.


The top apartment and the land offer spectacular views towards the Aegean Sea.

There are a number of apartments available, from 24,5 sq. m. (plus 5,52 sq. m. balcony), 45,22 sq.m. 90,30 sq. m. (50,5 sq. m. terrace), as well as land of 180 sq. m. with road access on the back.


The apartments available D1, D4, D5, D9 & D10

D9 & 10 View.JPG

Samos Town - Land Behind Listing 11 (AMAZING DEAL)


Land L11 Kalami – Samos Town

Area: 280 sq. m.

Price: € 37,000

This piece of land offers amazing views. It is situated in the area of Kalami, in Samos town, only 50m from a beachfront bellow the land and 300m from Samos Town biggest beach, Gangou beach.

The land is behind listing 11 apartments, sitting over the building, allowing spectacular views towards the Southside of Samos Town bay. There is access from a road, passing directly in front of the land.

As the land is within the town building permits, you can build up to 30 sq. m. living space and 30 sq. m. basement. The price this land is being offered is half its actual cost evaluation.

Kokkari  - Region 2

About Kokkari

Kokkari preserves its old traditional face, with small houses and lanes full of flowers. An easy-going fishing village on the northwest coast of Samos, it is a cluster of pretty, terracotta-roofed Greek houses that stretch out along a triangle-shaped peninsula. This small peninsula is full of houses which climbs up to the top of the hill with a small harbour on one side and a superb pebble beach on the other (north). Terraces apartment is situated almost at the centre of Kokkari.

Kokkari village - House Listing 71

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Spectacular Marina house - Listing 71                        

Price: € 115,000


Two floors

- Patio: Directly looking at the Kokkari marina, with enough space for a table and 4 chairs,

- Ground floor: Spacious entry to the sitting room with a small kitchen fully furnished kitchen and bathroom with a shower.

- Top floor: Sleeping area with two bedrooms, one with a double bed and a spectacular view towards the sunrise and the marina, and the other on the back with 3 small beds.

The House

You will have a hard time finding a house as unique as this, in the whole of Greece, let alone Samos. Situated right on the left side of the Kokkari marina, this is a spectacular house that can accommodate 5 people in the bedrooms on the second floor. Being at the very heart of Kokkari, a village that resembles Mykonos, this house is only meters away from the sea, located in such a way that it is protected from the north and south winds.


Kokkari Village - House Listing 72

Map Wix.png

Price: € 170,000

Total house area: 110 sq. m. 

3 floors, 2 separate apartments 

- Studio with private entry - 20 sq. m.

- A two-floor, two-bedroom main apartment - 90 sq. m.

The House

This is an amazing 3-floor house, on the top of the hill of Kokkari. It offers amazing views toward the Aegean Sea (North) and towards mountain Karvounis (South, from all the windows and balconies).


Two of the three balconies are L shape and face both North and South. A large number of windows, make this house very bright. The multisided windows allow ventilation using even the slightest breeze, making this property very cool during the hot summer months.

Kokkari Village - House Listing 73

Property 73.jpg

Modern house - Listing 73       

Price: € 120,000 - 90 sq. m. (two floors)

Newly build two-floor house with balcony, front veranda and the possibility for roof terrace.

- Ground floor: Spacious entry in two ways. One directly to the sitting room and another through the small veranda on the front. Small kitchen with everything inside, bathroom with shower. Fireplace in the large sitting room. Winding staircase leading to the top floor.

- Top floor: Sleeping area with two large bedrooms, both with double beds. Huge space with modern cardboards potentially can be converted to an additional bedroom. Very modern large bathroom with shower. Entry to this floor is also via the outside staircase with the small balcony facing the front of the house. s  

- Veranda and balcony: One small on the ground floor with a staircase leading to the top balcony. From here you can potentially gain access to the flat portion of the roof, converting it easily to a roof terrace.

The House

This is a very nice house of 90 sq. m. split into two floors with outside veranda and balcony. There are two entrances to each of the floors, making it ideal if the future owners wish to split this property up to generate income or to accommodate guests.

The property was built for the current owners, so special attention has been given to the materials used. All rooms and doors are double glazings, with outside shutters, the tiles and flooring are of the best quality.

Situated on the back street of Kokkari village, this house is only 10 metres away from Kokkari marina, where many restaurants and trendy cafes are situated. Being on a back street, it is very quiet, while at the same time in the centre of the village, allowing access to everything that Kokkari has to offer.

The house has air-conditioning units, and the windows on the roof, as well as the front side,  allow it to be very bright, while at the same time it is cold during the summer and warm during the winter. The fireplace on the ground floor adds to the cosy factor of this property.


Two new air condition units, large fridge with freezer, kitchen with oven, large water boiler, washing machine, kettle and coffee machine. Large storage space in the hallway of the bedrooms on the top floor which can be converted into an extra bedroom or study room. Fully finished inside and garden table for outside (both balcony and ground floor veranda) with 2 chairs.

Kokkari village - Land L21 Potamia area

Land and Building .JPG

Land L21 Potamia

Area: 4,000 sq. m. + 190 sq. m.  semi complete villa.

Price: € 165,000

This is a great piece of land, only 2 mins drive from Kokkari, allowing seclusion, but at the same time very close to the village. With a total area of 4,000 sq. m. (land) and a 3-floor semi built a house with a total area of 190 sq. m. this is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a quick and great quality build, with amazing views towards Kokkari, the Aegean Sea and the surrounding mountains with lush vegetation.

As the land is close to one of Kokkari’s top hotels – Ariona, there is a concrete road that takes you directly to the land, apart from the last 30m. The land has electricity, and there is water access on the land next to it. There are two neighbouring luxury villas, one of which is currently for sale for €550,000.

The large semi-complete house was destined to be inhabited by the owners of the land. No expenses have been spared regarding the quality of material and building work. The house has build includes double brick walls with insulation, drainage and sewage tank and huge balconies and terraces with a view to die for. There is space for a garage as well for adding a swimming pull if the new owners wish.

All the paperwork of this land is in perfect condition, allowing for a fast and hassle-free sale. The house building permit has expired, however, this is very easy and simple to renew.

Kokkari village - Land L22 Vigles area


Land L22 - Kokkari Vigles 

Area: 8,444 sq. m. buildable land with vineyards and olive trees & 1,002 sq. m. forest.

Price: € 110,000

This is a piece of land is only 1 km just before you arrive at Kokkari village. Access to this land is via a gravel road next to the military camp, situated a couple of km away from the land.

Being near the top of a hill, this land offers great views towards Kokkari village and the Aegean Sea on one side, and towards Samos Town and the Aegean Sea from the other. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and the mountains surrounding the area before Kokkari village. The land is situated at a hill and has a distance of over 800m from the sea. The majority of the land is vineyards (about 70%) and the remaining is olive trees (20%) and forest (10%).

There is a small hut in the land which in the past it had been used as temporary accommodation while the land was being harvested. All the paperwork of this land is in perfect condition, allowing for a fast and hassle-free sale.

Kokkari village - Land L23 Dendria area


Land L23 – Kokkari Dendria area

Area: 5,173 sq. m.

Price: € 130,000

This piece of land is situated in the region Dendriades, in Kokkari. Located in the valley between two hills, its total area is 5,173 sq. m. it offers great views towards Kokkari, the Aegean Sea and the mountains surrounding Kokkari village.

Access to the land is via two ways. Both roads start from the main road of Kokkari and eventually become gravel. There is electricity on the land and the ruins of a small house. Within the land, you have four stepped terraces and 35 olive trees.

This piece of land has been characterized as buildable, offering the possibility to have constructed a house of over 240 sq. m. All the paperwork of this land is in perfect condition, allowing for a fast and hassle-free sale.

Kokkari village - Land L24 Katavothra area



Land L24 – Kokkari Katavothra Area 

Area: 5,455 sq. m. Part 1 (76,24 sq. m. is forest) & Part 2 (5,377 sq. m. is buildable).

Price: € 110,000

This is an amazing opportunity for owning a piece of land, with amazing views towards the whole of Kokkari village, the Aegean Sea and the surrounding and the surrounding regen vegetation of the mountains, only 2 mins away from Kokkari Village. The total area of the land is 5,455 sq. m. The land is elevated from 50 m, up to 100m, at a distance of 300 m from the sea.

There is currently no water but the land has electricity and access road, stopping directly in front of the land. The land has pine trees; however, you are able to build on the remaining space.

Additional flexibility is offered as the neighbours are very friendly and have agreed to exchange part of the land, with theirs, even offering the possibility to buy land from them, in case you want to increase it, allowing you additional options regarding building regulations. All the paperwork of this land is in perfect condition, allowing for a fast and hassle-free sale.

Kedros - L25 Land & Property Listing

7 copy.png

L25 House & land with spectacular views

Kedros Area

House of 60 sq. m. + 5,905 sq. m. land with trees and spectacular views. 

Price: €72,000 Euros

You will have a hard time finding a piece of land with a property, offering better views than this one, in the whole of Samos at a distance of 800m from a number of beaches. All while being completely off-grid.


The house – 60 sq. m.

The house is off-grid and self-sustained with water and electricity. As you enter the house, you are in the sitting room/kitchen with a huge fireplace, furniture and a sink. On the left, you have the first smaller bedroom with a window towards the road. On the other room, walking towards the right, you have the second bedroom with a large double bed and window towards the garden (west). There is a water heater with wood, electricity is via solar panels, but the property offers the possibility to connect to the main electricity lines. The kitchen has a gas cooker with oven. Everything within the house is included in the price. On the roof, there is large water storage and the 4 solar panels, and a large roof terrace, overlooking the land with amazing views. There are 2 new slow recharge batteries for complete independence. 


The land

This piece of land is 5,905 sq. m. with 21 olive trees, fig, citrus, apple, apricot trees, many roses and wines. From the land, you have spectacular panoramic views towards the town of Vathi (right), all the way to the north of the island, up to the village of Avlakia to the left.

The land is on the north of the house, starting from the end of the huge terrace facing east and north. Access to the land is via 3 gravel roads, and only 500 m away from the big road connecting Samos town to Karlovasi.


Around the house

Next to the house, there is a garage, a storage space and a huge terrace. On top of the house, there is a roof offering spectacular views.

Vourliotes village - Region 2

Vourliotes is probably one of the most picturesque and prettiest mountain villages of Samos, at the foot of the mountain Lazaros, in the north of the island, at about 350 meters altitude. This typical Mediterranean village is situated in a green area that is literally ‘drowning’ from dense pine forest and many vineyards. The history of the village dates back to the 16th century and its earliest inhabitants came from the village of Vourla in Minor Asia, the ancient city of Klazomenes. Currently, the village has approximately 500 inhabitants which product excellent wine, citrus and cherries.

Vourliotes village - House Listing 51


Price: € 190,000

Total house area: 130 sq. m. 

2 floors, huge terraces & balconies all around

Two floors – 130 sq.m. interconnected via a winding staircase.

Sold for personal reasons as it is too large for the current owner.


The House

Amazing quality, owned by a developer this two-level house is constructed with the best material in mind. Possibility to convert into 2 apartments, one downstairs and the other one upstairs.  The property includes all the furniture.

Property 51 has multiple terraces and verandas, even a roof terrace, allowing the owners of this property the advantage of choosing the amount of sun, wind or shade they would like to have.  

Vourliotes village - House Listing 52

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 20.03.58.png
Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.30.05.png
Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.29.49.png
Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.28.53.png

Price: € 35,000

Total house area: 60 sq. m. 

2 floors, large front terrace, two entrances, spectacular views

This is a traditional property in a very good condition, at an amazing price, near the school of Vourliotes village. Although the property is ready to be inhabited, some work might be required to be done.

The property is in two floors, around 30 sq. m. each, with two entrances. The first entrance is in the front street (ground floor), near the school, while the other is in the back of the house, leading directly to the top floor of the house, the bedroom.


As you enter the house from the front entrance (ground floor) you are directly into a kitchen and dining room. On your left there is a sing, and everything that you might need for cooking and many cupboards. Here you will find a sing, small kitchen and fridge and enough storage space for all your utensils. On your right hand side, there is plenty of space for a dining table that sits four.

At the end of this space there is a bathroom with very modern fittings and a small bath tab. The door of the bathroom is made of stained glass. Adjacent to the bathroom there is a staircase that will lead you to the top floor.


The space on the top floor is big. On the left as you enter, there is a traditional fire place and a closet. On the other side, there is a large drawer. At the far side of this space is a double bed, with two windows offering great views towards the north of the island. From here you can see the directly the Mediterranean Sea. The property is only 10 m away from the village school, the car part and a small monument.

Agios Konstantinos village

Region 3

Agios Konstantinos or as the locals call it, Agios, is located on the north of Samos island by the seaside. The village is stretched behind a narrow pebble beach and a protective stone wall, ascending into a patchwork of stepped garden plots.


Agios Konstantinos is surrounded by lush vegetation and the area of Platanakia and Aidonia, a forest of age-long, towering plane trees, where you can hear the melody of nightingales. Agios has rich water sources, with a number of natural springs. From there you are lead to most of Samos islands hiking paths, including the famous nightingale paths and the villages of Stavrinides, Manolates, Vourliotes and many more.


The village is 20 km distance from Samos town, 12 from Karlovasi and 30 from Pythagorio and the island airport.

Agios Konstantinos village land & ruins of stone build traditional house - Listing L31


Agios Konstantinos Sea View Land


Area: 246,1 sq. m. (73,8 sq. m. kalivi ruins)  

Price 40,000

This is an amazing piece of land, only metres away from the waterfront of the village of Agios Konstantinos. The total area is 246,1 sq. m. All the paperwork is in order for a quick and easy sale.


There is a large space on the front of this land, which reaches the main road of the village. Within the land, you will find the ruins of a stone build house (kalivi from 1923) of 73,8 sq. m. This allows you easy construction of a house or rebuilt. The garden has and a number of citrus trees, a stone oven and a water well. 


The adjacent land is also for sale if there is a need for extra space for building a larger property.

Manolates Village - Region 3

The Village

Manolates is one of the most picturesque villages of Samos, located at an altitude of 360m on the mountain Ampelos (Karvounis) over the coastal village of Agios Konstantinos. Manolates is famous for its wine-producing, touristy handmade shops and gorgeous views. It is surrounded by lush green forests. From here you can take many hiking routes, to Vourliotes, Mitilinious, Stavrinides, Kokkari and many more, giving you the opportunity to explore mountains with lush vegetation, olive groves, pine trees, and terraced vineyards.  

Manolates Village - House Listing 61

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 18.14.04.png

Price: € 135,000


Two floors – Two separate apartments

Land of 77 sqm. and two floors, each of 50 sq. m.

The House

This house is divided into two floors, making two separate and independent apartments, both in immaculate condition. This property has been recently renovated, exposing a number of unique features like parts of the original stone wall and ceiling beams from the old build house. The owners of the house-made sure that they kept the original character of this property and did not spare expenses in the quality of the materials both on the house exterior, the balcony on the top floor, as well as inside the house.


- Ground floor - space: 50 sq. m.

Spacious entry to the sitting/dining room, with a window towards the street and amazing views to the Aegean Sea. Fully furnished kitchen, a bathroom with a bathtub and a double bedroom with antique bed.

- Top floor - space: 50 sq. m.

Spacious entry to the sitting/dining room, with a large balcony towards the street and amazing views to the Aegean Sea. The balcony can fit comfortably a table and a couple of large chairs. Kitchen with small 2 eye stove, fridge and a  bathroom with a shower. The double bedroom features a large window and a door leading to the balcony. There is a fireplace, giving this apartment a unique charm.

Palaiokastro  - Region 8

About Palaiokastro - Region 8

This part of the island has many beautiful beaches. When in Phili Amos go for ouzo and seafood at the taverna at the right-hand side as you enter the beach. Posidonio is ideal for a late coffee or if you want to experience a night swim. For fresh fish and seafood, the taverna of Triantafilos is where all the Greeks and fans of great food go.​

When in this region of Samos go for a dive at the beaches of Kasonisi (see video link), Kerveli, Klima, Posidonio on one side and on the other, Mykali and Psili Amos. 


If you have children with you, go for a swim on the beach of Psili Amos. This shallow, sandy beach is ideal for fun for all ages.

Palaiokastro - Region 8 - Land L81 Kerveli

Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 16.24.47.png
Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 14.40.08.png
Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 16.22.21.png

Land L81 Kerveli

Area: 11,000 sq. m.

Price: € 110,000

This is an amazing piece of land on the east side of Samos island, in the area Kerveli. The land has amazing views towards the bay of Kerveli, fat mountain and to the east, Asia. From the land, you have access to the beach of Kasonisi, with its amazing turquoise waters.

Getting to the land you take the road to the village of Palaokastro from Samos town. From there you are heading towards Posidonio & Kerveli and after 500m you take a gravel road towards the island of Kasonisi, an amazing place by itself, with turquoise and clear blue waters.

Although the land is on the side of a hill, the beach is only 10 minutes away. You have the options of the beach of Kasonissi or the beach of Kerveli.

Palaiokastro/Vlamari - Region 8, Voutsou
L82 - Land & small traditional cottage


L82 - Votsou (between the area of Vlamari and Palaikastro village)

Land of 27,323 sq. m. with ruins of 17 sq. m. small stone house (kalivi)

Price: €210,000 Euros

This is an amazing piece of land of 27,323 sq. m. with ruins of a small kalivi (small stone-built traditional house), located on a slight slope, offering amazing views towards the valleys below. In the land, there are 250 olive trees, some over 300 years old. Water pipe and electricity pass in front of the land. The land is eligible for building.

From the top, you can see all the way to the south of the island, the well-known beaches of Pythagorio. With easy access, this land is located next to a road offering electricity and water access, making it ideal for building a property or a number of them, even a business. Recently cleaned and maintained, within the land, there is a road talking you from its bottom, all the way to the top. Halfway on this road is the kalivi.


Surrounding area

The village of Palaiokastro and the valley of Vlamari are only a km away. Within a short distance (1,5 – 2 km) there are the beaches of Mourtia, mikri and megali Lakka. Nearby (towards NE) you have Kerveli beach and Kassonisi island with turquoise waters. Within 5 km you are at the fishing village of Posidonio. Samos town is around 2 km distance from the land.

distance from the land.